Pubg Royal Pass Trick 🔥 (Google Play Refund Trick)

So guys we are here to tell you how you can get access to the trick below>>>
  1.  Order a google play gift card and credit balance to your account
  2.  Open Pubg and Buy the Elite Pass
  3.  wait UNTILL u recieve the receipt mail
  4.  After 5 min Go to google play website in chrome
  5.  Go to your account
  6.  then on recent purchase
  7.  Find your PUBG purchase and click on the 3 dots(on top- right corner)
  8.  Click “Report A problem’
  9.  Then choose “This was made by accident”
  10.  then describe a fake story like your brother did it by mistake without your permission 😊
Use Limited times in order to prevent ban 👆

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